Just paid from the wrong account, I think better app design could have prevented this

I’ve just quickly open the app to make a payment and sent it from the wrong account.

  • On the dashboard I saw my joint account card front and center, and a list of payments which all happened to be from my joint account. In my mental model I’m currently “in” my joint account (rightly or wrongly).
  • Switch to payments tab, missed that my personal account was selected at the tab and scrolled down to see the payee which I’ve only ever paid from my joint account. Reinforcing that I’m “in” my joint account. Maybe sharing payees between joint/personal accounts is useful for some people, but it isn’t to me.
  • Start the payment process - now I cannot see which account I’m paying from. Shouldn’t is say on the confirmation page which account the payment is from? I’ve just stepped through it again (without confirming, so maybe I missed something at the end) but there doesn’t seem to be indication of which account your payment from once you’ve started a payment?

You can add your thoughts to this thread, but it’s something lots of people agree on.

Why the hell are payees shared between accounts?

Why wouldn’t they be? They’re people I pay.

Because it assumes everyone uses their joint account the same open way with the other party. Not everyone will want that.

If it was the other way round (not automatically shared), you’d be able to ‘share’ payees by simply adding them again into the joint account. But it can’t work the other way round.

Oh no no, not my partners payees, mine that I’ve paid with my personal account or joint account.