Paying & getting paid on Monzo - tell us all!

I think it would be really useful (and make sense) to have a “Share bank details” option above or below the “Share a link” option in Payments → Request.

I’d also like to echo others when they say they find the “See payees” option difficult to find - I think adding an icon for this on the left so it matches the other options would be enough.

Being able to add notes to Shared Tab items (like you can on Splitwise) and Bill Splits would be really useful.

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Currently the scheduled tab shows in 3 sections SO/Flex/DD) in alphabetical order. I want to be able to sort by date for ALL so I can see what is pending by date. Being able to total them as well would be good (e.g for a date range I have x £ of payments coming out).

Also custom names for SOs - it always brings up the message to check the account name/scam message. I like naming my SOs for ease of remebering what it is e.g if I have regular saver like Nationwide Saver v2 or HSBC cc crd 5411, I want to call it that and not have just my account name showing.


Hi Chloe, I started this thread recently about having a clear message for the user that the (new) payee details definitely match those on record by the receiving bank (shown before the scam warning)


Thank you so much again for all the valuable feedback! We’ve noted down everything that’s been mentioned around social features like bill splits and shared tabs and are now keen to hear more about the actual process of paying someone or getting paid. Excited to hear any thoughts around this :smiley:.


For what it’s worth, monzo has one of, if not the best, bill splitting and social payments platforms out of all fintech.

Revolut would be second as it works similarly, including Group vaults and issuing request.

Starling is the worst unless you use Nearby Payments which is absolutely useless in real terms for those not within the same arms reach.


When I tap the payments tab, it’s clear at the top that I’m using my joint account. Although if you have a coral personal account, this isn’t great.

Then the best indicator of which account I’m using goes. Balance is still there, but at times my joint/personal can be similar. And let’s be honest, if we always knew our exact balances, we wouldn’t be checking the app as often!

And then I get the confirmation screen. I purposely haven’t turned FaceID on as I want to be able to give this screen a final once over without it skipping ahead

I would like a screen after this, maybe some wouldn’t want another click, I guess no FaceID means I can sort of do it already and pause but a final glance, because at this point I always triple check the deets before I type my pin.

Next page is categories and usually when I go “Oh shit, wrong account” when my custom categories aren’t there.


This may be a bug, but when I send a monzo - monzo payment to a particular contact the transaction feed does not show the contacts photo. I think in this case the contact had not set a photo and I have added one manually on the payments screen, but this photo is not pulled through to the transaction screens…

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Starling used to (still has?) a lovely screen where you’re presented with the details of the transfer you’ve just made, with a short countdown animation that you can tap on to cancel if the details are wrong.

Something like that, that’s not too long or you could tap to bypass once you’ve confirmed the details, could be ace.


Quick question: what do you mean by “getting paid” here? It’s usually faster payments and the money just lands in your account?

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that would be fab (using references to direct incoming payments directly to pots, having a better breakdown/history of your incoming payments from a particular sender even if you persist with the illogical and unwelcome hiding of the sender’s account details etc etc) but I’m not sure whether that’s what you’ve got in mind?


I feel a bit bad saying this and should explain.

Monzo used to show the sort code and account number of the account that sent you a payment. That was very useful, especially when sending money to yourself so you could track which account it came from.

Then it vanished without warning and no real explanation, although the received wisdom seemed to be that either the regulator demanded and/or it somehow fell foul of GDPR.

But it’s not consistent between banks. And, what makes it worse, is that you can see this information in Monzo - just for connected accounts (those that support it) not for the Monzo current account. For example, in a connected Nationwide account, I see my name, sort code and account number down the bottom of the transaction screen.

So it can be done, it probably should be done and it’s frustrating that what was probably an overreaction to GDPR caused its removal.

So that’s the background. Sorry for the deviation - now let’s talk paying people!

PS: the solution isn’t to remove it from connected accounts. :joy:


Another thing for me and I’ll reassume my vow of silence.

I think that payments to yourself should be a special case. I’ve currently got all of my various accounts under a contact called “Me”.

Some of those are missing bank logos (sadness) and the ordering is weird - it’s neither strictly alphabetical (although it is nearly) nor on the basis of usage.

But ultimately, I think I’d like to see a better rest of curating and seeing my own accounts in Monzo.

Whereas for most other contacts I want to give them an image and a name and have that in the feed, I want to differentiate all my different accounts. I’d like the feed to pick up the bank logo and possibly have different names (so I can see that that’s my Barclays current account or my savings).

And I’d like it all neatly integrated so I when I connect a new account that’s added to a list of my own accounts.

And to potentially drive future expansion so that the balance of a manual (non) connected account could be updated as and when Monzo sends or receives money from it.


On the topic of paying oneself, when I send money to one of my accounts, I have to include a reference for the receiving account to see, or a cryptic reference is added if it’s an open-banking-originating transfer, such as Zopa.

After completing the payment, I find myself always going back to the payment and changing the reference to something helpful to see within Monzo, so in Zopa’s case I will change it to say “Savings for X and Y to Zopa”.

It would be very helpful if I could set the in-Monzo reference (or let’s call it “notes”) to be different from the reference I put for the receiving account.

This also applies to payments to my wife or friends. The reference will say “pizza money from Dino”, but in my own Monzo app I want to see “pizza money to Tom”, which would not be helpful to send as a reference to Tom.


Forgive me, Chloe for falling off the silence wagon.

I’ve come to say that I’ve just set up a scheduled payment. I wanted it to come out of a pot, but instead I needes to set up and approve the payment, then go back into it to specify which pot it should come out of.

And I still think the category screen is a bit too much after seeing up the transfer. Why not have it as part of the main screen with the default category set and the ability to tap and change if you want?

While I’m here, can we add notes/a reference to transfers to/from pots as well, please? :pray:


It would be great to see an option whereby I can pay everything that I owe someone in one click i.e. if someone has requested multiple bill splits from me that I don’t normally split things with (and therefore have not created a tab with) then it would be great if rather than having to go in and accept each individual bill split I could approve and pay them all in one go.

It would also be good to be able to add a note when splitting something like you can when requesting normally.

Finally, I agree with the other comments around being able to request/pay someone back in multiple instalments instead of having to create multiple requests manually.


Some payments such as council tax are paid over 10 months so not quite monthly, and it takes a week or two for the estimated payments due this month to be updated. I’d like to mark them as skipped this month so that other things update correctly.

I’d like to see a list of upcoming payments based on date. What’s coming next. Seems to be quite hard at the moment.


Quick Q, is open banking part of Monzo Me? Or is it still a card only scheme?

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As in pay by bank?

But I think it’s fully card - at least it was last time I tried.


I’ve just had my nose in Open Banking at work for months, need to reprogram my brain to say Pay by Bank

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Tbh, I’m not sure there’s much understanding of either open banking or Pay by Bank in the general population.

Maybe that’ll change, but I’m not getting “next big thing” vibes right now.

Absolutely agree :pray: