Just moved to the UK and got reject from Monzo

Moved to the UK 2 weeks ago, tried to open a Monzo account and got reject, highly likely because of the Cifas check

It’d be great to understand what does it mean, the reason of such reject and the way to manage it.

BTW I cannot get a Cifas report because it requires 6 years address history in the UK.

Hi. Welcome.

Unfortunately you won’t get any info as to why. But if you’ve been here two weeks, they won’t be able to get any history.

You’ll have to try somewhere else as Monzo won’t change their mind.

I think that absence of history is not the reason because others (my friends as well) have opened an account successfully just after arrival, without any “credit history” in the UK or EU.

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Monzo won’t tell you the reason on an open forum. I think it’s highly unlikely that they’ll tell you privately, but if you want to ask, contact them at help@monzo.com.

The way to manage it is to try another bank. If you like Monzo, Starling is very similar. It has better banking facilities, but not so good budgeting features. Otherwise there are plenty of High Street banks to choose from.

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Thanks you all guys. Will try to reach the support team by email.

Whilst getting in touch with Monzo it might also be worth checking your credit file with credit reference agencies and check with CIFAs

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Just to help clear this up that a Cifas is a protective order that’s either created on your behalf from being a victim of fraud, or you (or someone legally acting on your behalf) proactively put in place to help prevent you being taken advantage of.

Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System (Cifas)

If you’ve been a victim / or have proactively agreed to it then the bank will do additional steps to ensure this person opening the account is who they say they are and not being impersonated.

It’s likely instead the lack of address history is a concern.

I would suggest Monese instead.

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