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After Business account deny with cifas message,i can open account in same email

If you’ve been denied due to cifas then you can’t open any account with Monzo.

Were you denied a business account but have a personal account?

If so, that can happen from time to time. The only way you’ll get a definitive reason will be by asking Monzo.

Most uk banks don’t accept people with cifas


That’s not entirely true. A Cifas is a protective order on behalf of the person, it’s there to make sure the service performs additional steps to verify the customer is who they say they are. As they have either been a victim of fraud, or likely to become one and have asked for the Cifas.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, court judgements are the main ones. Followed by lack of address and financial history.

That’s not true as you know from the many times I’ve corrected you on previous posts.

Have you taken the time to check what Cifas is during your recent absence from this place?

Try this for a start

@SHAZIA1 it seems the CIFAS message from Monzo is a fairly generic one. A bit like “we can’t approve you for that loan because of credit checks”. Doesn’t mean you have bad credit just means you didn’t pass that lenders criteria


Thanks a lot

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