Account creation denied

My account creation was denied and was asked to contact CIFAs. I am new to UK and have great credit history in Hong Kong. Why was my account denied? I sent an email to, but no response.

We’re all customers on here so can’t help with this.

Usually when Monzo decline you an account their decision is final, so personally I’d start looking at different banks.

If I had to guess this would be the reason you were declined. I don’t believe your Hong Kong credit history will be transferable to the UK. Check your rating on, this is who Monzo recommend and hopefully this will highlight areas for improvement.

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Being new to the country has been mentioned a few times recently in this sort of situation so it is starting to look like a behaviour pattern.

Thank you, appreciate your response. I did open the account with Lloyds today.
Just wanted to understand what they needed … I am new to the country wont have credit history here.

Seems so. I did open an account with Lloyds today so not so desperate anymore.
Just wanted to understand what Monzo needed.

It’s unlikely Monzo will tell you the exact reason. If you have a Lloyds account now you can use this to build up some credit history and then perhaps try again with Monzo in 6 months time?

If you do some Googling there are services that help you build a credit history such as LoqBox :slight_smile: as well as lots of tips such as using a credit card and paying it off in full each month.

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Sure. I am looking at Starling and Revolut as well.

No problem. Be aware that opening lots of new accounts will negatively impact your rating too.

In case you didn’t know, Revolut aren’t a bank - so its not really comparable to Monzo, Starling or Lloyds.

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Revolut isn’t bad, but no Fscs protection

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