Confused: Rejected by banks

So I applied to Monzo, TSB, and more banks in the past for a current account that was FSCS secure. However I’ve been denied all of them. I don’t understand why! I’ve checked my credit report on more than one site; I have a score of 466/1000 which is know isn’t great but the average in my area is only around 580. I have no rulings against me, I am not in debt, and I’ve never missed any payments.

I’m sure it’s something to do with me falling victim to not only my own complete naïveté but complete manipulation from somebody who I once called a close friend of mine. He introduced me to two losers who never showed their face that were using me for their own financial gain before laughing and dipping. Believe me I’ve been through it all with myself as to how I was so blind.

Anyway, I thought that i would have a CIFAS marker latched on, but I don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any solid reason why I’m being rejected. Or are there times where people have hits but aren’t being told?

I just want a UK bank account again. Would getting a credit card help, or would I be denied that too?

any feedback would be a great help. Thanks

Have you checked all three credit agencies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion)?

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Someone told me not all cifas show on commercial credit reports so try a gdpr request to cifas and national hunter.

Are you on the electoral roll at your address?

I would sign up for the free money saving expert credit club to see your detailed Experian report if that’s one you haven’t checked yet.

Also have a read through this post for some advice on getting a current account when having fraud markers.



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If you are being refused a bank account after being involved in something related to inappropriate use of a financial account (due to naïveté), then more than likely you do have a CIFAs marker which is not showing up on your credit report.

Do Cifas markers show on my credit report?

A credit report will only show Cifas 'victim markers’. Victim markers – ‘Victim of Impersonation’ and ‘Victim of Takeover’ – remain in place for 13 months on the Cifas Databases from the date of submission. Cifas is not a credit reference agency and you should only contact us if you believe we hold information about you.
Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) | Credit Reference File | Cifas

This video should be helpful to help you understand what to do next.

About getting a new bank account, you need to try and aim for basic accounts or Credit Unions. There was a really good thread a couple of years back about a guys journey to try and get an account.

Thanks mate. I’m with a card but it’s a prepaid debit. Better than nothing. Gonna sort out the form to send to CIFAS.

I’m in a bit of a predicament aren’t i


As others said, Cifas fraud markers won’t show up on your credit reports. Submit a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to Cifas and they’ll have to provide you with all they hold on file for you which will show if you have any markers.

Do the same with National Hunter which does the same but is lesser known

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