Just finished printing this little guy

(Jason) #1

T shirt time! 👀 🕑 Send us your designs!
Community Digest 01/09/17
(Marta) #2

He’s so greyscale… did Chip move back in time to black and white era? How about hot coral Chip? How big it is, banana for scale could be helpful. :thinking:

I’m also quite sure you could make a business out of it… :smiley:

I totally love it too. :heart_eyes:

(Adam Williams) #3

I wonder if you could paint it?

(Tom ) #4

This is simply brilliant.


I want one! (blah blah character limit)

(Jason) #6

Yeah you could paint him it’s just regular PLA. He stands 12.5cm high from base to the very top. The card is about the height of a monzo card


Love it. Want one!
How much?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

This :arrow_up: :pray:

(Starling Guru) #9

£49.99 + P&P

I’ll send you my monzo.me link and you gimme the delivery deets :eyes:

(Marcus Nailor) #10

Looks badass!!! How long did it take to print? :slight_smile:

You’re making me want the CAD drawing and a 3D printer now… :joy:

(Jason) #11

About 1hr30 at 0.2 layer height. Here is a quick time lapse

(Jonathan) #12

Man that is so awesome and loving the 3d print time-lapse, just find watching something printed in 3d weirdly joyful XD

(P Burrows) #13

thats really cool!!!

(Spencer Luxford) #14

That is excellent! I did milling in my apprenticeship and have also done some cnc milling, but I take my hat off to you, that is superb!

(Ian Lyon) #15

This is incredible :astonished:

3D printing is unbelievably cool.

(Colin Robinson) #16

Now there’s a fitting paperweight for all us alpha/beta testers!

(Marcus Nailor) #17

Version 2 idea… :wink:

Make Chip hollow, and slightly larger than a Monzo card, then use him as storage for the older versions of Monzo/Mondo cards :joy:

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #18

How much would it cost to commission one of these little guys from you?

(Jason) #19

If Monzo were happy for me to sell them to cover the costs of material and shipping etc it would be £9 inc postage in the UK. I’d need to buy a new roll of filament and there are quite a few different colors from your standard red green blue white black silver bronze/gold grey pink and magenta. You can also spray it with a primer and then choose some funky spray paints if you wanted too. Below is a sample of the pink magenta bronze and silver

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #20

Count me in.
Not sure who’d give the OK on this. I’m guessing first port of call would be @tristan but I genuinely don’t know.