Just eat 50%

Just ordered from Just Eat, when do you get the money in account please?

With Flux?

Did you activate the offer on the flux webpage before you made the transaction?

Mine was pretty instant.

Mine was instant as well



Just means you have to order again!


What offer? I don’t see anything on their website

heres the link to activate it Flux Web

Finally managed to get this activated… but it’s not 50% off, boo. I only got £4 off a £25 order. I assume there’s some small print I didn’t get as alll I have is the direct link you guys posted.

50% off one item - the most expensive. I believe.

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The above is true. I was surprised that it wasn’t off the cheapest item which is what normally happens in these kind of promotions.

I like free money whatever the amount :grin:

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