Joint card graph colour on the spending and balance trends

I love the coral coloured cards, so was somewhat disappointed with the white one that showed up when I ordered a new one; but hey, it’s only a card, and although it blends in with the background, it’s not that big of a deal.
I check the graphs and details on the trends tab every few days, and found out that the new white card also changes the colour of the graphs to a dull silver colour, which makes them hard to see. Please change it back to the coral colour which is on the personal accounts.

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Dark mode :eyes:

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TL;DR The only way you can get hot coral back is to order a replacement hot coral card

You can’t unfortunately change colours which I can see is your suggestion. It has come up before but this hasn’t had any votes, so may not be that common

Looks like you’ve got premium, or joint, unless there’s another white card in the wild we don’t know about? :eyes:

The app will match the colour of the account selected, or default to blue/orange/white depending on the account tier you have.

Dark mode doesn’t work well with my eyes :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I’m quite opposite :melting_face: but yeah I can see how that would be frustrating then white on white

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Thanks for the welcome!

I have the new joint card, so don’t think I can order a coral one now?
The white/silver on the graphs is quite hard to see, so isn’t great when trying to look at those. The balance one is even worse!

Hopefully Plus comes to joint accounts soon.

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Thanks for clarifying.

The joint card operates in tandem to the main account card. So as a workaround for now, when you have everything selected, it should default to that colour (i.e. Hot coral for standard, blue for plus).

This looks a bit poor however. I wonder if @avb and team can see if this is the case for others, and look at how it could be displayed. People who have premium also get a different color, black I believe, and maybe that might solve things.

That contrast is super poor. How did that get approved?

Is the premium one the same, does anyone know?

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I do have high contrast on in labs

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That’s better. Is that premium?

Yeah, wonder if they could turn on high contrast in labs would it be the same or slightly better.

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Oh, that’s a good shout! I can use that as a work around for now. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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:monzo: Premium. Dark Mode. Trends with only Joint account reported. High Contrast Mode:



Whilst that looks good, I don’t want to get premium or use dark mode to make the graphs visible. This is something Monzo needs to resolve, as this is an awful design.


I’m absolutely not surprised that Monzo released it like this, sometimes I think they press the release button a lil too fast.

Have you fed it back in app as well as on here? They’re normally pretty responsive at working out and putting in place a resolution.

Yeah, I agree that needs improvement.

Out of interest, does it change if you enable High Contrast in Labs?

As mentioned before, if you have an account or pot with £0 balance, select that too (so you are viewing the Joint account and the £0 account/pot) and you’ll get a different coloured line.

If you don’t have an account/pot with £0 in it, create a temporary pot and keep it at £0

I flagged it on Twitter, will flag on the chat now. Thanks for your help!

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Another user suggested something similar to that, which is working well :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tried to turn on high contrast but it doesn’t want to work. I’ve reinstalled the app but nothing seems to get it to work.

Sorry, I mean on the trends tab there should be a direct feedback option - look for a lightbulb. If you speak to chat they won’t have any idea what you’re on about as they don’t generally know

You were right! :zipper_mouth_face:
Disappointingly, the person who answered the chat just told me what trends is… they’ve now raised it with a specialist, though I’m not sure why it needs that level; feeding it back to the team would be enough.

Hopefully the person who picks up the feedback from the ‘share your thoughts’ section understands what I’m doing.