Account cards different colours across all UI

I noticed the two red (Monzo colour?) Cards changed to one red and one white to differentiate between them, which is great, but when you click into the joint account white card it goes back to the red one, why not keep the theme going to maintain that differentiation?

The red ones are called ‘Coral’ - This was done recently so I imagine they’ll swap over the other card to match soon.

Why they didn’t do them both at the same time is beyond me :man_shrugging: I imagine there may be a clue in the UI feedback topic so maybe someone can find it.

Have you just ordered a new joint account card or is yours due to be replaced very soon? Sounds like the UI is showing you the card you’ve ordered and then the card you actually currently have.

For the record, mine displays correctly

Nope not ordered anything recently. Pixel 6a android latest