Joint Accounts - Not enough visual difference with personal account in UI

There is very little visual difference in the UI between the joint account mode vs. the personal account mode. Screenshot below illustrates this.


The differences can be summarised as:

  • A tiny secondary user avatar for the other person in the account picker
  • The small “Joint account” tag on the card, and black text above the card

The account picker should make it abundantly clear which account is active in its closed state, beyond the addition of a small avatar. I find myself constantly slightly unsure about which account I’m in, and instinctively opening the account picker to double check.

Also, I think there should be some consistent UI that is present across all tabs that make it obvious which account is active, perhaps a bit like the “Return to call” green banner on iOS when you navigate away from an active telephone call?


It’s stuff like this that’s putting me off opening a joint account. From what I’ve seen/heard the current version feels very “minimum viable product”. Wasn’t there talk of making this clearer during the labs phase?

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On the main transaction feed, it’s very clear. The pulse graph for the joint account has a white background (which looks good!), whilst the personal account has a blue background.


There is a visual difference on the main transaction feed, but that difference (dark vs. light background) isn’t carried across into other sections. Carrying a consistent thematic change based on the type of account across all the tabs would be great, but with it just affecting the feed it feels arbitrary and isolated at the moment.


There are some differences between iOS and Android in the way accounts are presented, as the “Accounts” tab shows “Joint Account” in the top banner, and the account details say “You and xxxx” with the 2 overlaid profile icons the same size. However on the transaction feed, there is absolutely no way of telling, other than the little account badge on the individual transactions.

I guess that difference is only on iOS. Android has same blue on both