Account identity on Summary screen

Currently the switching between joint and personal account is done on the Accounts tab.
Here, personal and joint accounts have different icons for their identity.
It would be good if this icon was shown also at the top of the Home tab.
Because if you close the app for a day or so and reopen onto the Home tab, there’s currently no visual clue as to whether your in your personal or joint account.


For me, the pulse graph on the home page is blue for my personal account, but white for my joint.

Is this the same for you? I believe this is how this is shown.


That’s what I see.

But you only get the pulse graph after the first month or so.

Ah yeah, fair point. Still not sure helpful at the start then.

Pulse is blue for both on personal and joint on android. There is no easy way to know unless you go into the Account tab.


Ah yes, now you mention it I see it. I’d never noticed the difference before. Thanks,

What i’d really like is for personal and joint account cards to be a different colour and for these colours to be reflected on the summary tabs. That would keep me right I think.

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