Improvement - A better way to switch between accounts

I own a personal account and a joint account, and I switch between them very often. Firstly, it is not very obvious to recognise which account I am currently in. Secondly, the path for switching between the accounts is quite bothersome. Especially, if I open a business account or an additional joint one.

Would be nice if there was either a drawer from the left that would list all accounts, their name, photo and ballance with active one highlighted. Or above the ticking graph with a drop-down that lets you switch the account. Or as a bubble - like the search button on Android that would display the photo of the active account.

Also, maybe each account could have its own color scheme - like Trello boards.


Someone recently posted a screenshot from a sneaky look at the code and there will be a drawer style selection box to let you choose which account you’re going to. Hopefully this’ll make it a bit more obvious.

Not sure if it’s the same on Android, but on iOS, you can long-press the “Account” button on the bottom row, and tap the account you wish to change to. Works from any screen.

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Never knew that always press the account button and used the drop down to select the accounton iOS :joy: thanks for the info :wink:

Doesn’t look like it works on Android. :persevere:

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Yeah I’ve been asking for this too. I’ve accidentally made payments from the joint account as it looks identical to the personal one. Also, if you open a payment request link it doesn’t default to your personal account… it takes you into whichever account you happened to be in last! And again, zero visual clues as to which account you are in…

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