Differentiate between current and joint account


I’m currently struggling with the fact that on Monzo, there is no quick way to tell if I’m looking at my current account or my joint account from the user interface design. Perhaps the background colour could change in a joint account?



The top graph is grey on personal and white on joint accounts

Menentioned before but still backing this.

iOS have a different colour pulse at the top of the home screen. I think its white on joint accounts. But for android its the same colour for both.
From the home screen there is no quick way to notice what you are looking at.


I find the balance and transactions is a quick way to figure it out, but maybe that’s just my usage?

Other than that, I agree it would be good to have a better way to distinguish these.

I use the accounts in the same way so both the amounts are similar. I transfer money out of a pot each monday.

I can (and do) use the transactions to work out what I’m looking at but for me its not ideal. But it would be nice to be able to notice at a quick glance. If iOS have this, it must be a deserved feature?

Unfortunately a couple of times I have glanced at a balance when about to pay and then its been declined… Only to notice I had the wrong account on the screen.

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Not sure. How many joint accounts are there (Monzo will know). If the numbers are low I’d expect feature parity between Joint and Personal, and soon Business accounts to grow and grow.

Thankfully our Joint account is virtually all direct debits/standing orders so doesn’t need looked at, we dump money in every month and kinda forget about it.

I know it wont happen. I imagine if it was that simple, it would have been done to match iOS at launch. To me, its just one of those tweaks that I would find useful but isn’t exactly the end of the world.

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I have the same issue and I think colour distinction isn’t enough to distinguish. In addition, it should not matter which tab you are on it should be clear at all times which account you’re using.

Sometimes you log into the joint account to check on things and then you close the app. The next time you go into the app maybe to just quickly pay a friend or something you will probably not think twice and accidentally pay out of the joint account as it was the last account you looked at. Least that what my one does.

It’s happen on more than one occasion not just for me but also for the person I’m sharing the account with.

I mentioned in my post on this topic that a banner would suit quite well to solve this.

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