Joint Account distinction

I have a joint account and it works great. Love the feature. But one thing that is quite frustrating is that it’s not easy to distinguish between my personal account vs my joint account.

Despite the background colour change on the dashboard, I think it requires a feature that makes it much more obvious which account you are in.

That could be having a logo or picture that the user can upload themselves or just a simple banner at the top that says which account you are in.

Is this a common problem?
I have spoken to my circle of friends who use the joint account feature and they all agree that they also find it confusing and struggle to distinguish between accounts.

There is a new layout in testing which adds a label to the top of page with either “Personal Account” or “Joint Account” text, this seems to works quite well. The background colour no longer changes when switching between account though


This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

The colour change still exists for me. I’m using iOS so not sure if the colour schemes are different depending on device. If the banner is in testing this could be the solution to this issue.

Agreed. I accidentally made a payment with the wrong account because it wasn’t clear. It wasn’t a problem, I just moved the money from my personal to my joint account to cover the payment, but it would be nice if there was a different colour scheme to distinguish.