Joint account without merging credit scores?

I hope this isn’t the wrong section but I want to open a joint account with my partner but the problem is I have a good credit score while he has a bad one. The app warns me that we’ll be “co-linked” if I do so, and therefore I assume my score will drop (and maybe his will go up?). Is this a legal limitation of the banking system or is it related to things like overdrafts, something that could be avoided? I’m assuming joint prepaid accounts (if they exist) wouldn’t link credit scores, just as an example.

If you use joint financial products your going to be linked to them… i think that’s just the way it is. If you don’t want to be linked to your partner financially then you’ll want to avoid all joint financial endeavours. You could work with them to improve their score if that’s what your worried about? I’d be less worried about a credit score and more worried about any financial issues they might have if any.

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It just seems silly to me when you could just keep separate accounts and share cards when required. But I guess everything has a workaround.

In that case your not joining finances, its not a workaround so much as your ‘compromising’ your own finances. If your finances aren’t shared then any issues with those finances are yours alone, the responsibility is yours alone, so only you need to be considered (in theory).


You could theoretically open an account yourself and use Curve as the second version of the card if you want to have the two card, one account functionality whilst avoiding the financial link.

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Would you be responsible if something goes wrong though? It used to be if you let your card and details be used by something else, especially knowingly then anything gone wrong the bank would wipe their hands of it.

That’s actually a really good idea. Then you could have two cards in two different places.

I reckon so, but that’s no different to a joint account is it.

I guess freezing your card in Curve is another boon.

Yup, I’m aware of this risk. But there’s always the risk with a proper joint account your other half could withdraw the cash and run away.

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If you decide to go ahead make sure you check the referral wiki there’ll be a link to Curve. I think you get a free £5 or an Amazon voucher (or something!).

If you can’t find it DM me and I’ll send one over. :slight_smile:

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I’m already a member of Curve. :blush:
Your idea just never occurred to me.

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It’s not hard to improve a credit score. Why don’t you work together to improve it instead of avoiding the issue by trying to find a workaround?

EG. One idea: Get him to get a credit card and put all household purchases on it. Then both of you pay it off.


Credit Ladder / Loqbox…etc

Will only be a year or so and their credit score will be better than yours.


It would be yes. A joint account have two owners, both have a card, both have a right to access it. A single account has one owner, if you give your details to someone else you’ve willingly compromised your account.

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Personally, I dont see this as a credit problem, but a relationship problem. If your going to share finances your obviously in a good place, if there are concerns with their financial history, then this is what you should tackle. Not how to keep your finances separate from them.

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What I want is to have additional card holders on my account so we use one account for food and fuel budgeting without the credit link.

Like a credit card.

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Do the cards in Curve have to be in your name or can you add anyones card who’s given permission?

Would my wife need to create a Curve account and add my Monzo card?

Or would I need to create the Curve account in my name to be able to add my card?

Is there anything in the Ts&C’s to say another person can’t use the curve card/app to debit my account?

The only thing I can see is that if we are a large distance apart and make physical purchases in a short period it may trigger a fraud alert being impossible to have got from one place to the other in the time.

With the go back in time thing does that mean purchases on curve don’t actually debt from Monzo until after 2 weeks? Edit: so it looks like the transaction happens instantly on Monzo and you are creating a refund if you did need to switch.

So I think the answer is my wife can create the Curve in her name to get a card and my monzo card can be added to her account as long as I don’t setup a Curve and add it to mine at the same time as it can only exist in one.

I wish Monzo had better card controls and turn off the location based fraud. :neutral_face:

According to the picture you’ve posted, location based fraud checks are not on.