Joint account switch service

I’m probably missing something obvious, but what is the process by which I switch my joint account to a Monzo joint account?

This help page states it is possible, but doesn’t explain how to do it.

This page explains how to start a switch, but starting the process in the app only asks for my details, not my partners.

Do we need to create a joint Monzo first, or would the switch process take care of everything and include my partners details, even if I don’t as part of the process above?




You’ll both need to have Monzo Personal accounts before opening a Monzo Joint account.

When/if(!) you have a Monzo Joint account opened, you can switch an existing (non-Monzo) Joint account to the Monzo Joint account. This is a ‘full-switch’ and will transfer everything over and then close the non-Monzo Joint account. There’s a run-down of the in-app steps below for extra clarity.

Disclaimer - I’ve not used the CASS method. I manually switched everything across to a Monzo Joint account several years ago, simply because I didn’t want the source accounts to be closed. It’s not as big an issue as you’d think to manually transfer, but it does take a bit of time & concentration.


The available accounts are then shown, to choose which to switch to:

I didn’t go any further with the application process in this example.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Thanks both :+1:

Applied for a joint Monzo account and got a screen saying “Sorry, we can’t let you apply for a joint account right now…we’re working hard to make joint accounts available to more customers”

Is this likely to be an issue of capacity for Monzo, or a credit score thing relating to me and my partner?

Has anyone else ever received the same message?

If it says no, all you can do is wait and try again in a few months. It’s not capacity, it’s related to something with you/your partner and they won’t tell you what that is.