Joint Account Shortcuts (Android)

I think it would be great to add Android app shortcuts that take you either to the Personal Account activity feed or the Joint Account activity feed, this would dramatically speed up the time it takes to switch between accounts on Android—below is a mock-up. :smirk:

Thoughts? :thinking:



Love it. One change I’d suggest is for a shortcut to Help rather than chat as then folk might be able to find answers without having to chat.

Oh, and I wonder how send money works if you’ve got two accounts? Wouldn’t this be two screens depending which account you’re in?


Yes, actually I would agree, help should be there not chat, good point.

I think the payment dialogue should have an account selector anyway, and that would fix this issue.


On Android, Monzo currently on my phone shows “Send Money, Add Money, Summary”. I’d like to see two other options, Joint Account and Personal Account as currently it throws me into the last account I accessed which I mostly only need to see my personal account on a day to day basis.