Direct debits from a pot - what happens when pot empty?

I have several direct debits set to come out of a pot I’ve labelled ‘bills’. I would like to know what happens if a direct debit is trying to take more money than there is in the pot?

Does it fail? Do I get a notification? Does it take money from the main pool? Can I configure what it does? etc.


Hi @syrus and welcome to the forum. If you don’t have enough funds to cover all the payment from your pot then the funds will be taken from your main account.


Fantastic, thanks krr13!

You are welcome. The payment itself isn’t actually taken from the pot. Instead the money is moved from the pot into your main account and then the whole bill amount taken.

Here is a useful FAQ you might find useful:

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However there was an error with pots and direct debits recently. If a direct debit failed due to not enough money in a pot it would not try to move the money again from the pot on the second attempt even if money was placed in said pot.
Monzo reported to me this has been fixed this month.
Let’s hope so as I’d hate to be making another complaint and receiving recompense for their actions.
Feel sorry for the chat staff but their knowledge of the product they are answering questions on is poor in my recent experience.

This isn’t ‘a thing’ though since all the money should be taken from the pot and the DD then is taken from the main balance. Debits won’t fail on the amount of money in the pot (or they’re not supposed to!).

If you keep all you money in pots, none in main and have no overdraft then it’s possible

Pedantically not. It fails due to lack of funds in the main balance. :innocent: