Pot Summaries & Round Up’s for Direct Debits

Just two little ideas from me, if I may?

It would be very handy to click on a pot and it take you to a summary page to see almost like a statement view of that pot so you can see when money was deposited.

It would also be very useful to add references to pot transfers so you could see the reference in the summary page of the pot/main Monzo summary.

Finally, I LOVE Round Up’s. I lock the pot that I Round Up into and then save this as an additional lump sum for Christmas presents (plan for this year) and in the short time since I started (c.20th december) I have already accumulated a tidy sum of £20 in change effectively. It would be great to extend Round Up’s to direct debit payments too, furthering my ability to save for Christmas without even realising!

Thanks team Monzo. #bestbankever


Unsure of on which thread but there have been some leaked WIP images that show this is coming in the near future you’ll be happy to know

As far as I’m aware this happens at the minute? at least it does for my spotify subscription (4.99 -> 5) but maybe i’m wrong? someone else can chime in on that

Your Spotify subscription isn’t a direct debit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s a recurring payment but it’s taken by card, not DD :grin:

The only way to have DD’s round-up is to use the IFTTT round-up applet :ok_hand:

Does that applet work with DDs? The title itself suggests it’s just for card transactions.

Definitely does not work for DDs

Went back several months to confirm that this applies to both Investec and regular pots

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Ahh my bad!

Spotify is one of 3 dd/subscriptions on monzo i have and the only one that isnt already rounded up.

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I would love to see round ups for direct debits at well. I hope they implement this soon.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before; I think a user controlled ability (switch in settings or something) to enable roundup on scheduled payments would be a good addition - particularly Direct Debits which are notoriously an odd amount - could help a lot of people boost their pots!

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I think round ups have been one of the most neglected features Monzo have released.

There has been loads of good suggestions and expansions to further improve upon the current iteration.

It seems like Monzo have just ticked the box and moved on.

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Yea it has seemed a bit ‘stale’ (for want of a better term)… implementation and “cleanup roundup in my transaction feed” were completed and I’ve seen nothing since - shame as there is a lot of potential…

Same with IFTTT if scheduled payments weren’t neglected - a lot of people wanting Scheduled Payment/Direct Debit triggers (me included!!)

Oval Money still have the best roundup implementation. If it took the money as a live payment I’d still use it today.

In short.

They rounded up to the nearest quid.

If you spent over a set amount (iirc you could set this in app) it rounded up to the nearest tens of quid.

You had the option to stick all of this into a GIA and hopefully earn a bit on it.

My issue was it took the money once a week. Meaning it was more difficult to track and manage.

Yea, the fact it is rounded up real time is :ok_hand:t2:, but more control and options would be great. I was going to get it to roundup to the nearest fiver with IFTTT as my most common purchase is a 3 quid meal deal.

But imagine if you could choose:

  • Roundup Direct Debits
  • To the nearest what?
  • Roundup at a specific Merchant (the meal deal thing again…)
    Etc. Etc.
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