Joint account monthly report notifications

I don’t use my personal account, all my money is in my joint account. I switched back to the sole account and happened to notice that there are monthly report notifications which I don’t get on the joint account. Of course for personal account this isn’t useful as its always 0 but it would be nice and useful to have the notifications on the joint account too.




Unfortunately, there’s quite a few features that only work on the personal account. IFTTT being another big one.

Monzo doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in account parity. The Joint Account was pushed out as a ‘me too’ and hasn’t seen much attention since.

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That sucks because my wife and I are heavy users of the joint account.

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Same here. My fiancé doesn’t use her Monzo account at all and I just use it for ‘spending money’. Everything else is dealt with via the Joint Account