Joint Account Monthly Report Update?

Hi all,

just wondering if there has been any news about the monthly report being added to the joint account any time soon?


We get the monthly ‘Spending report’ entry in the transaction feed at the end of the defined Summary period - in our Joint Account - and this takes us to the Summary breakdown (money in, out, into pots, categories used and the ‘ADD TO POT’ button if there are any funds remaining in the account at that point)

Are you describing some other kind of requested report?

Hi, on our accounts the spending report only shows up for our personal accounts, not the joint account. We can get to the breakdown by hitting the pie chart at the top, but the summary with the “add to pot” button never shows up.

I just assumed it was a missing feature, but perhaps we need to activate it somewhere?


Do you have a budget period set in your joint account?

We do. I’ve tried altering it and then changing it back - maybe that will refresh it…

Thanks for your help.