Monthly Spending Summary


Im not sure if this has been discussed before (Cant seem to find it) but from a new user, I love the spending features to keep you in control and stop the over spending.

As its just gone march, I can’t seem to find a way to see last months spending total (granted it was only a week in my case as I’m new)

Would be good if there was a way we could enable a Email or another area in the App to see last months totals - sort of like a monthly bank statement. Can then get the average we spend and where are are spending to save off elsewhere if needed or just to review.

Loving the good work, can’t wait for the bank account, think this will be the way that I manage my finances going forward! Also have pledged to invest to keep it all going!

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Once you’ve had a proper full month you’ll get a month spending report.


Ah thanks! Didn’t see it anywhere, that is one thing that is confusing - the app/website doesn’t really tell you all these things and how it works.

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That’s something they’re working on.

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While you’re waiting for that report, you can still view your totals for your previous month’s transactions (broken down by category & - for Android users, merchant) -

First go to the Spending tab, then:

On iOS

  • Swipe right on the total spend summary, to scroll to the previous month

On Android

  • Simply scroll down


Thanks! Didn’t even know you could do that! Good Tip! :grin: