'Summary' with upcoming Joint Accounts

I am looking forward for Monzo Joint Accounts and would like to move all our spending and salaries to that.
Just wondering how will Summary handle two salaries paid on different dates and also I get expenses paid on a different date. I get paid monthly and my wife gets paid every 4 weeks.

I am sure Monzo engineers must be working on accommodating Joint Accounts into Summary and hope they can share something here for us to understand.

I think it will probably have to be based on calendar Months. :man_shrugging: Not sure what would be the best way to see and understand Commited Spending and Income though…


Extremely good point. We’d be paid on two different dates as well with mine in the middle of the month and my partner’s at the end.

They already work with Summary :wink:

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Sneak Peek? :wink:

I asked the question on another post. We’re in the process of activating a joint account right now and it would be good to know how two lots of salary payments will work with Summary.

Also do pots work with joint accounts?


No pots for joint accounts yet :frowning:

Any plans for additional functionality in summary to support Joint Accounts @Jami?

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