Joint account 'Making Monzo' & Labs notifications

I like to keep track of the Making Monzo and Labs stuff but I’ve noticed that the notifications only appear in the personal account. I don’t use my personal account, only the joint account so I rarely ever switch accounts in the app. So i keep missing the notifications.

It would be nice if the notifications for ‘making monzo’ and labs things appear in the joint account too. Here is a screenshot of the notifications I mean.



Edit: I’ve just re read your post :joy::joy:

It’s a fair comment :+1:

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@neovo: My wife and I are heavy users of Monzo but it’s all done through the joint account :blush:

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Makes complete sense

I should read posts first before commentating

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A couple of Qs:

  1. Does turning a labs feature on for your personal account also turn the feature on for you on your joint account?

  2. Does you turning a labs feature on for your personal or joint account turn the feature on for the person you’re sharing your joint account with?

Hmmm will need to try these settings.

I get notifications from my Joint account, and my Personal account. I can’t see a way to turn them off for one or the other (I don’t really want them for my Joint account but do for my Personal. (opposite of you).


Yes, the lab feature is enabled for both personal and joint, at least for the ‘export data’ labs feature. Though I imagine this would be on a feature by feature basis.

It seems the export feature is enabled on my wife’s joint mobile too.

Though I’m now doubting I’m looking at the right thing because if I turn the ‘export data’ feature off then I seem to still be able to export data :man_shrugging:

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