Filter for individuals transaction in joint account

Please please please could we have a filter to easily separate out one persons transactions from the other in a joint account?



Great idea, although I don’t have a joint account I can see how this would be beneficial especially if one of you spends more than the other :smile:

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That could certainly create some interesting ‘discussions’ if it was to show one person spending say 20% of the income and the other 80%. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Exactly :slight_smile:

Just bringing this topic to life again, as I’m very keen for this feature. Just a simple search addition would be great. I need to expense my work-related travel with Oyster cards (linked to my joint) and it’s a right pain to sort not through my trips, but also my wife’s. A card filter would simplify that.

I have to say it… so would a sole account?

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I have both ;-). We just happen to choose to pay for transport from our joint account.

Pretty sure there are other examples where you’d like to find spend based on card.