Joint Account Further Feedback

Hi there,

Been using joint accounts now for a couple of days, I’ve made a seperate post about the spending categories and personal accounts (which for me is a big one), but here are a few extra things:

  • When setting up a scheduled payment, it would be great to have a button to set one up to your joint account, currently you need to memerise your joint account info to be able to set up a scheduled payment in to your joint which seems silly
  • There should be some form of joint account balance indicator on the personal home screen or somewhere more easily found, currently it’s 3 clicks and 2 page loads just to find out your joint account balance
  • In addition to this I feel an account switcher at the top of every page would be great, so you can switch on home or spending between accounts without having to go to the accounts, change and then back to the page you wanted to look at
  • Obviously there are a load of settings in the joint account which can be stripped back to make things simpler (currently it’s just a copy of personal basically), having the “custom app icon” is an obvious one as your main account setting would and should take presedence, but I suspect there are many more settings that should be inherent from your main account

Will post if I find any more =]

On iOS, long press anywhere on the bottom menu for the account switcher to pop up and it will stay on whatever screen you were on but for the other account.

Oh, ty, that works - a nice hidden feature =]

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Most of my spending and activity is done with the joint account and it is the most important account as it supports me and my wife. So I would consider the joint account to be my main account, despite the solo account having more features at the moment, plus my solo account is just beer money

Ok, fair enough, a setting somewhere to set your main account, but having two options that would clearly override each other seems silly - I suspect there are a few others too.

I too would like the option of making the joint account my main account. I would go further… I’d like the ability to hide my solo account. Before Monzo, my wife and I only had a single joint account. Since joining Monzo, we had to each set up our own individual accounts and then open a joint account. So we now have THREE Monzo accounts between us and yet only use one of them. If it is not possible to close down the solo accounts and keep the joint account open, it should at least be possible to have an option to hide the unwanted account from view. It gets rather confusing having to double check that I’m not making payments out of the wrong account!

Monzo web does not show joint account.

No, it doesn’t. It’s a known limitation.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to change that in the immediate future.

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Are there any plans to introduce interest for joint accounts in the same way Monzo are planning with the regular accounts? I am assuming not because the interest will be paid into pots which still arn’t there for joint accounts (although I know it’s on the way).