Joint account - can't 'add money'

Can’t add money to joint account as the ‘activate card’ button isn’t replaced by the ‘add money’ button.
This is making the joint account useless since I can’t transfer in money from my personal account.
Details to reproduce:

  • Receive joint account card
  • ‘activate new card’
  • enter card number - says it’s successful
  • ‘activate new card’ button doesn’t disappear

OxygenOS 10, Android 10
Oneplus 5T
App Version:

Hi Robert & welcome :wave:

I’m/We’re a long-time Joint account user(s) for my/our sins :angel:

The ‘Add money’ button under the card has been there for a while for us. If you’re not seeing it, it may be worth logging out, uninstalling the :monzo: app, restarting your Oneplus, then downloading, installing and logging into the :monzo: app.

This uninstall/reinstall dance :bananadance: usually fixes random issues such as this. If that doesn’t work, it’ll probably be a question to ask :monzo: directly via in-app chat.

PS> Update to 3.65.0 too if you can - always nice to run the latest version :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PPS> You can do a bank transfer from your Personal account to your Joint account if urgent.