John Lewis Partnership Card

I have a John Lewis Partnership Card which is the only one of my credit cards that I’m unable to add to Monzo Plus. As it’s also not available to be added in Snoop, I assumed the problem was with John Lewis, but they assure me that they’ve done everything they need to do to make the card available.

So can we please have support for John Lewis credit cards? I believe they’re actually run by HSBC, so perhaps that makes it a little easier?



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It’s up to them add the functionality for Open Banking.

If they do that, then others can add them, if they don’t, then they’ll need to do that first.

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Yeah, that’s what I asked them about. Their (slightly unclear) reply was:

We have enabled the functionality for all third party providers to utilise John Lewis customer information and create suitable financial offerings. Not all third party providers will have decided to create an offering for John Lewis customers, so often if a customer cannot see John Lewis on the list of compatible accounts or has issues adding your card to the account, then the customer should contact the third party provider directly. This is all independent of John Lewis. There is further information for you on the JL partnership card for general open banking: If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So I think they’re saying they’ve implemented Open Banking.

I googled it and amongst others saying the same for things like Emma, there was this blog;

Because the implementation of secure, fast APIs has been pushed down some banks’ list of priorities, customers are not being put first. HSBC (which services the popular John Lewis partnership card) will be using screen-scraping after missing the deadline

So maybe it’s a watered down version and that’s why they think they’ve done it but nobody else does?


Or here from Snoop

I’m afraid It’s not good news on John Lewis as HBSC have recently announced they are not supporting API access to this product ( )

Those links are a year or so old, but not a lot seems to have changed

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Yeah. I also just found this, which isn’t encouraging:

But I’ve done an optimistic Tweet -

And the main HSBC developer portal ( claims to deliver:

APIs that connect to Personal Banking customers of HSBC, first direct, M&S Bank and John Lewis Finance

But also says

We’re also in the process of upgrading our Open Banking API Sandbox to extend our range of APIs and enhance the functionality it provides.

Our new Sandbox will be available from early Q3 2021.

That isn’t tooo far away, so fingers crossed!


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