Virgin Money (Monzo plus)


I wonder…why Virgin Money (debit and credit card) is not in the list to add accounts from other providers :frowning:.

Is there a plan in the future to add them?

Thank you! :+1:


Feels like this is the only big provider left.

I’m sure that Monzo would like to include them and I’d surprised if it’s not in staff testing. Perhaps there’s an issue with the connection? Or maybe the demand is actually quite low?

I’m hoping that this will come in 2023. :crossed_fingers:


Possibly this because many other apps support them without any issues.

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I wonder if a flash poll will give us an idea in this forum if demand is low :thinking:

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Last time we polled it was the third most popular connection:

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There’s been lots of mention, lots of polls, Monzo know.


I really hope this is on its way. As I have a Virgin Money credit card it means I can’t make the most of the Monzo budgeting tools as one of my key accounts is missing when I look across all my accounts


Exactly the same with me.