I Did It - I Went Full Monzo!

I finally did it. I used the CASS to transfer from Halifax to Monzo and I couldn’t be happier! Had so many problems with Halifax but never had a problem with Monzo (I’m not naive though, I know that problems can occur.)

Everything switched over today. I love the ease of Monzo. I’ve previously had problems with budgeting but Monzo has definitely helped me to save. I love the “pots” feature. I’ve made a separate one each for my boys and will transfer money to the pots when they have helped around the house or for birthdays etc.

Anyway, yay for full Monzo!



Congrats! and welcome to the unofficial #FullMonzo family!

What would you say (if anything) that you will miss from your Legacy Bank? or What are you looking for Monzo to implement in the near future?

HUZZAH!!! Congrats.

Welcome! :mondo::partying_face:

Congratulations :star_struck: :monzo:

I’d miss 3% interest on my standard bank account. It’s the only thing though.