Just sent off the form to move my wages to being paid into my monzo account

#fullmonzo I guess then

Finally took the plunge after the getting paid early feature appealed to me as my new job pays every 28 days (lunar pay).
I will get payed for the first time on November 1st so i’ll see how it goes.

Will move my only direct debit (my phone bill with three) to monzo now and transfer the balance from my natwest account. (I wish to keep it open for post office deposits)


I think that’s very wise - originally I went full Monzo and closed my Nationwide joint account - recently I reopened a personal Flexaccount due to cheque paying in concerns as well as low lints for cash withdrawals re Monzo - to say nothing of no joint account overdraft facility and lengthy delays on customer service when first line support is unable to resolve


Update got wages a day early thanks to monzo.
Employers logo appears too.
Now gonna stash some in a intrest earning pot

I submitted my monzo to my employer too and will be transferring my DDs across shortly.

Going to leave my NatWest account open just incase I need it at some point.

The only thing is I won’t be able to take advantage of the early wage feature because my employer pays everyone via bank transfer :disappointed:

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Think of it positively, you don’t have to wait two days unlike everybody who gets paid by Bacs… :wink:

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My old job payed weekly and via Faster Payments so I had it payed into my old natwest account (even after I got monzo)

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