Take away budget totals from account summary amount


Been using the bank for a day. So am aware there is still much to learn so this idea may be redundant. If so please tell me.

I think it would be a good idea to have the budgets allowance come off the summary of money like commited costs do.

So for example I get £300 for the month. I can put in as commited of say £100 for direct debits, bills etc and that total gets knocked off the summary.

But when you set a budget it doesn’t do that. I can understand why but for me, and hopefully others, it would be useful if it did. If I created a £150 budget for groceries and that was taken off the summary then I know I’d have £50 spare as disposable spend. I actually have £200 but because I don’t want go into my food budget I see only £50 from the summary. That visual is a huge thing for me.

At the end of the period, if there is any money left over then options are available to move the remianing money into a new or different budget or to remove it from the budget completely.

I know I can put the money into pots and manually move it across. But I wonder if the summary assumes that a customer is going to utilise a whole budget would be easier.

Thoughts? Thanks for reading :blush:


Seems a reasonable suggestion for those that use the budget feature. I like the summary but use it without the budget feature. I tend to judge my budgeting ability by money I have left over at the end of month.

Yes this is something I too have suggested and it would benefit me. I want left to spend to be exactly that. Not what is due to come out my budget.

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Thanks. Good to know I’m not alone :blush:

I don’t know how viable it is to have it as a feature than can be switched on and off but after every pay day I set a budget for £500 to go on my monthly food shop which is done weekly. Anything that’s left over tends to carry over to the next budget.

With my old bank I just transfered it to a different account and used that card only for shops.

But I want to go full Monzo. So this would be really beneficial for me in the long run :blush: