Is this possible with IFTTT, Monzo and Google Sheets?

Can I manually add a value into a cell which could then cause an IFTTT action that would move the value of the cell into a specific pot?

Im trying to figure out a way of automatically moving money into a pot when I use a credit card that isnt an account that can be added to monzo. When I use the card I receive either an email or sms message, so if I can somehow get the value of the transaction into the spreadsheet, this could trigger the action. Although not entirely sure how to do that bit either yet!!

Its basically the New Day Amazon card, but I want to auto move the money to a pot in Amazon so I can pay in full end of each month.

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Yes you can do that. I don’t think you can do it on cell update though but you could get it to check daily.

As you mentioned though, it’s getting the amount from your credit card into Google Sheets that is the issue.


So yes! You can do that - there’s a specific trigger in IFTTT called “When a Cell in Google Sheets is Updated” (or soemthing very similar)

I set up something very similar to do what you’re describing for American Express - I did a mini write up here

What I did was use Zapier to extract the balance amount from the regular email I got - apparently there are ways you can extract from SMS or Notifications in Android, but not iOS, so that’s the solution I went with.

The solutions’ a touch Janky because the IFTTT “Cell Update” doesn’t always fire on time reliably, but when it works, it works great.

The “Cell Update” idea is a great use case for the Google Sheets integrations, cos you can do so many more powerful things than Regular IFTTT alone can acheive. Things like “If my Balance is below X then Move Y from Pot”, or “If I spend more than £30 at McDonalds in 1 week then [other things]”.

Happy to help if you need it - this is my all time favourite Plus feature so if I can get more people using it I’m happy :slight_smile:


I should have known that @BritishLibrary will have already been all over this :laughing:

It’s also worth noting that Monzo were planning on building this prior to all the lockdown and stuff. So it may come built into the app at some point in the future.

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Hah, at this point I should have an alert for IFTTT posts on here

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