Google sheets for Monzo Balance

Is there an easy way to get your Monzo account & pots balance into Google sheets using an API? I’m really not technical so if it is going to be too difficult I won’t bother!

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I imagine you could at least partially achieve this by using IFTTT.

There is a lab feature on Android where you can request an export of your data, this has been in labs for a while but will contain other info like chats also.

There also seems to be work going on behind the scenes in the app for some sort of integration with good drive, which seems to have auto export facilities mentioned (see recent app tear Downs In the development thread) . Now this is just taken from the app with the data that is available to see if you go digging. There is no mention if this will be available for all, or just Premium/NewPlus.

I use this ifttt and then have adjusted the sheet it uses to capture all my financial life.

Log my card purchases to a spreadsheet

Keep a handy record of all your spending in a Google Sheet.

Hi @trevwmitchell - this is something I am trying to achieve. Are you entering data manually?

I currently use Moneydashboard but the Tescobank API has not been released for use as there are still some problems. This also reported by Yolt.

To be useful the process really needs to be automated and the TB API solution will solve it - I just wondered what you were doing, if you wouldn’t mind sharing?


Hi mate, so yeah I do a bit on manual entry but most of my money life is with monzo and that’s all automatic with the ifttt app, so I just add my credit card and the few other bits and pieces manually, it only takes me about 2 mins to do a full data entry including pensions etc although Im not really updating my pensions on a regular basis, the 26th is my ground zero day so I do everything on the 26th which gives me a real world idea on whether or not I’m getting richer or poorer… I’ll check my Google sheet tonight and if it’s not laden with sensative data I’ll share it on here. :slight_smile:

I tried using all the apps out there but they just didn’t do what I wanted, I’m pretty good with a spreadsheet so just done my own. Like I say couple of mins manages a complete data entry session which I only do on the 26th of the month.

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Looking at the latest Android teardowns there looks to be a Google export coming soon

Is a stripped down sheet and I’ve entered some random info on the first month, I know it’s never easy to follow someone else’s work especially when it’s been butchered and hacked many time on the route but this works for me and it might for you.

Good luck


I use the IFTTT method as well, and last night did some tinkering and, hopefully, at the end of each week I’ll get an email with my Expense (lunches/travel) costs (Google Scripting is fun!)

Once you set a starting balance you could have your transactions deduct (obviously) and then use a roundup formula to calculate what is transferred to a pot.

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Doesn’t the IFFTT link only work with card payments, and not online purchases/direct debits?

I was using Monzo > Ynab which does carb + bank but I’m looking at just going to a google sheet now, and curious about this.

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Correct @DeanPhillips1991, you don’t get the full picture of your card use. R-

Ah dammit, was hoping I might be wrong. Any work arounds for that at all, or do you just manually add that stuff?

Was giving this a look earlier:

Haven’t found one. I stopped using it as, like yourself, it does not do enough of what I need. R-

As some have said the IFTTT function for Monzo is brilliant, I get the weeks card spending as an email & all my transactions go into a Google Sheets document.

There are an array of IFTTT applets for Monzo & I look forward to many more.

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