Output transactions including refunds to a spreadsheet?

I have a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

This was the initial idea…
I’d state the initial Monzo balance in a cell. Then another cell
I’ve got a list of transactions and a column with checkboxes “Debited” and “Refunded”.
I’ve got a cell for pending transactions total. This would output the amounts for all transactions that are not marked debited.
If it is marked as “Debited” It’s deducted from the pending transactions sum and is added to Monzo.
If it is marked as “Refunded” it’s not added to pending or debited. I’d like the output put in another cell which would basically tell me what my Monzo balance is.

However, I’ve since found there is an IFTT applet available to “Log my card purchases to a spreadsheet”.

Maybe this option would be easier? I have been sent money from a friend to test the applet and no spreadsheet was created, maybe because it wasn’t a card transaction? If so, great! If it works then has anyone got a sample sheet so I can see the format? Does it also track refunds back on to the card? Because if so I could maybe code something to tick the appropriate boxes if one of the list of transactions matches, tick the box saying debited, or refunded if it was refunded.
I’d like it to be deducted from the Monzo balance and again I’d make a formula to work out the total of pending transactions and the Monzo balance.

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need me to explain anything.
Is anyone able to help me with this, please?

Thank you.

You’ve posted this under the ‘developers’ category which is usually to do with the API but you mentioned IFTTT.

Which method are you wanting to use?

They could use either though based on the meessage ifttt sounds easier for them

I don’t mind what method to use, whatever one is easier I guess.
I think I’m halfway there.
I’ve followed the tutorial here but sending and receiving payments doesn’t work, is this because they’re not card transactions? If so how do I simulate a card purchase to test this?
Thank you

I’ve just ordered something from Amazon and they debited the money but it hasn’t updated the sheet. :frowning:

Just realised it’s updated the IFTT sheet just not the one I made. :frowning: Would prefer it to work on the one I am trying to implement.