Monzo to Google Sheets IFTTT

I have went through the IFTTT app and activated the sync between Monzo and Google Sheets about an hour ago, how long does it normally take for the Sheet to appear in Google Drive?


The IFTTT link between Monzo and Google Sheets is only for transactions on the card, so you only get records created for each transaction you make on the card, from memory.

If this isn’t what you’re trying to accomplish – are you perhaps trying to sync the Monzo feed with a spreadsheet? – you may need to rethink.

Yeah, I didn’t realise it was only transactions on the card… Will just need to keep the old CSV export thing going then :slight_smile:

you could try…I haven’t managed to get to grips with it yet, but for someone who knows spreadsheets it might be worth a go.

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