Is there any way to not have to see the android section?

Apparently there is an alternative operating system on smart phones, but as one of the chosen, can the community software be set to ignore that section? :wink:

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iOS is just a pilot for the real thing (Android). :smiley:

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I don’t mind seeing them, they’re just as likely to come up with good ideas for the Mondo app.

If there’s a separate forum for iPhone and Android then there’s risk of duplication.

Just my :pound:2️⃣ worth (allowing for inflation :chart:)

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I’ll second that. I’m assuming Mondo are aiming for feature parity between Android and IOS.

However, in answer to the question from @DaveTMG

Any use?

Chris thanks, you’re a star!

Hopefully Mondo will have feature parity across both platforms, not having it is one of the main reasons why I’m going to be carrying an iPhone and a Nexus device.

Once the develop the full version, I think both apps would be very similar. Some aspects (like Touch ID) would obviously not be available to all, other than limitations from the device, I don’t see any reason why :mondo: would be different on iOS and Android.

Hopefully they will continue to be the same in the future, this is an example of what I wouldn’t want to see happen to Mondo, especially because I personally am in the process of switching from iOS to Android.

Offtopic I know but how’s that working out for you? It’s something I’m tempted by.