Android, feeling like a second class citizen

I love Monzo, but as a die hard Android user I really feel like a second class citizen.

Is it Monzo policy to develop for iOS first? Will you ever achieve feature parity?

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Joking of course (and I don’t work for Monzo). There’s been a lot of back-and-forth on this in various threads. I think the most recent discussion is here, but use the search if you want more, and feel free to contribute to them.

I actually prefer Android - it feels cleaner :slight_smile:

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:roll_eyes: Android customers do get some features that iOS doesn’t have such as mobile payments…

I think they are generally looking for parity but don’t delay features for one or the other platform if it is done first just so that it can be released at the same time. You can argue against that logic but I don’t think it is end of the world if one platform ends up getting it first and in some sense being the testers of the general backend functionality, where for the other platform, late release ensures they get it more polished.

That’s my two pence.