Hi All,

Is anyone else using Mondroid pre the Mondo Android app release?

Really useful to see transactions quickly on my Android device while I am out and about.

Shout out to hitherejoe ( for putting this together. I was able to get it running if anyone wants any help.


You will still need access to an iOS device first to complete the signup process

Valid, it is good as a quick fix to give you a bit more information on an Android device in the meantime, but yer you still need an iOS device to sign up/top up/freeze card, anything like that.

There’s no major reason Mondroid can’t build functionality in against the hidden APIs. Then you could do the entire process without iOS.

There’s a few major reasons :wink: Mondroid is great though!

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Well, yeah. I meant more technically :stuck_out_tongue: I know it wouldn’t really be allowed, but would be entirely possible.