Is there an issue with bank transfer?

I tried to make a transfer to my credit card then noticed it had been declined, tried again and was declined,
ive then tried to transfer to a savings account and then just to a friend,
all 4 payments just show as declined but i cant work out why

any one else currently havings transfer issues?

Not tried to transfer today but nothing on here yet (not sure if updates are automatic or manual though)

Did you input the correct pin?

yes pins correct, it confirms the transfer and asks what categories it is
then in my feed it shows the transaction as declined

Off-the-wall-question, do you have the funds in your Monzo account to pay for the transfers you are trying?

Yes more than,
I tried the transfer for £200 to my credit card which I’ve done multiple times in the past, noticed the decline so tried again for same amount.
Then tried £1 to my savings which declined
1p to my friend which declined
Then 1p to my partner but as a monzo transfer (to her monzo account) this one actually went through

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If it’s a NatWest or RBS credit card they are having issues this now

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It was to my Tandem credit card, them my Tandem savings
My friend I tried to do the transfer to was a RBS current account

over your transfer limits ?

I don’t do to many transfer so I’m sure I should be, can you remind me how to check? :sweat_smile:

main screen …account …scroll down …limits …on iOS

Found it, doesn’t look to be this!

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I’m pretty sure Tandem currently bank with Natwest so that’s why that’s failing.

All Natwest/RBS online and telephone services are currently unavailable (including bank transfers). You can keep an eye on their service status here you’ll just have to scroll down a bit for the actual status!


Tried someone that banks with Halifax!
It worked!


That’s good to hear :hot_coral_heart::hot_pepper:

I feel for the Natwest team this evening who will be in full on incident mode trying to get this resolved.


You’re not wrong! That’s a lot of scrolling to get to the important stuff will be worth a look

Don’t get me started on Natwest and their procedures. I’d miss my flight (on Friday morning) in the time it would take me to rant about my recent mortgage experiences!


Safe travels, and I mean that doubly these days! Have a good one


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