Ugh, Natwest

I had the most frustrating experience yesterday with NatWest.

Basics of the story; I put my salary in this one month to get the £175 for switching (well, closing an old account down really).

Went to transfer the money to Monzo online. I’ve done it before but it would only let me do £750 without a card reader (which I don’t have).

So. Popped into a branch. Firstly had to wait ages, but eventually the branch manager saw me and took me into an office. I told him I wanted to transfer funds. He looked and said I can do it via the app. I told him I couldn’t. He then said “We use the same system as the app so we can’t transfer 1p more than you can via your app” to which I laughed and asked what the point in a bank branch is. He could do some other type of transfer but that would be for a £23 charge and would arrive Monday.

Nonetheless he said let’s try. Popped my card into a machine and entered PIN. Came up as an error - he clicked around a bit and then said “oh”. Turns out he accidentally said my card was lost. So now it’s useless.

I said right can I get a card reader so I can do it myself. He said there was only one in the bank left. I sort of looked at him as if to say “Well… get me it then” but apparently even if he gave me one then, I would still need to go online and order one to activate the usage of them! Which is a waste so I declined getting one in branch. Not least that my card no longer works.

I was told I had to call telephone banking. He didn’t even offer me the bank’s phone.

When I did call, they asked me the same information that I use to log in to online banking so I don’t really see how any extra secure it is.

The chap was lovely, and he was surprised I was told I couldn’t do it in branch. He said they can transfer up to nearly £1 million. My funds were transferred after a few minutes. Crazily he was probably just doing internet banking like I could do.

Ugh. Just ugh.


Lol just Lol !

Puts things into perspective to all those complaining from their armchairs about not getting a text back fast enough from Monzo. (me included) :grimacing:

I’m surprised someone even spoke to you. Mine seems like a ghost town when I visit to do scouting stuff.

I’ve picked up a card reader from a NatWest branch and taken it straight home and it worked :man_shrugging:t6:

When I joined RBS my old Smile card reader just worked fine.

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Faster payments has a 10/20k limit with natwest, not one million. and the faster payments system its self has a maximum limit of 250k. So the guy on the call was talking about CHAPS which has a £23 fee.

NatWest definitely still have some improvements to make.

You called, so they have to verify its you, its not extra secure, its just the same secure. Barcleys has a nice feature where you initiate a call from in the app and it automatically verifies you, so no need to go through any checks on the phone.

They also have an in app version of the card reader which is very handy.

You’d have thought the branch would have been more knowledgeable, or giving you the information more clearly.

I suppose you could have also removed the cash and deposited it into Monzo at paypoint as well.

I used to work with RBS/Natwest as a business manager, and its been 5 years, but unless they have binned the back office system I could do transfers personally between accounts of up to £250k with my managers sign off. Key in a few details, log the payment as authorised by me and done.

Additionally tellers can send BACS payments using your chip and pin in the branch for several thousand pounds at a time (I forget the limit they can do).

Oh and I could wave the fees on chaps payments if I wanted too as well.

So reading this is incredibly painful as I know with 90% certainty the person didn’t know what they were talking about or were deliberately BSing


Oh god, I opened a NatWest account for this too.

Haven’t put any money in it yet… but not sounding good if it’s hard to get out!

Says on the website:

You can make up to 5 payments each working day subject to the £750 limit, or 20 payments over 4 working days.

So looks like you could just send the £1500 over two days.

My point was that if I’m giving the exact same information to a chap on the phone to transfer £1k then why can I not do the exact same thing myself online. I gave no further information than what I would give my browser.

To answer other points:

  • I was told that the card reader only works if you order one online too to activate the function. I can’t do much more than what I’m told

  • You can transfer more than £750 once you have used a card reader

  • All my bills came out that day; more than £750 so I needed it done that day

  • No way am I taking £1k in cash and walking to a random shop to deposit it. For a fee.

  • The guy screwed my chip and PIN up as my card is now reported as lost. I got a text today saying it’ll be 5 working days until I get a new one


Also it’s just come back to me that he, the Manager, seemed to have no idea about Monzo. Like, never heard of it.

He asked if it was a “third party” between me and another bank. I said no. He said “so how do you put money in the account?”

Just stuck me now as an odd moment with a current bank manager.

Was his last name Mainwaring per chance? :rofl:


An absolute horror show, @coffeemadman, but it’s good you’re now sorted.


I had a similar thing where HSBC cocked up the cass to NatWest.

This is at a time where NatWest app limit was £250 unless you’d already paid them online, and yep they don’t send you a card reader that you need to do that.

Not fun trying to pay the mortgage. Anyway HSBC gave me £150 for the mistake, this is on top of the £150 they paid me for having an Advance account for six days before switching away again. NatWest gave me a good amount too for admitting they had been totally useless.