IFTTT / Pots integration

I’m trying to find a way of moving money from one pot to another via automation or IFTTT.

Once my coin jar reaches £30 or more I want to move a certain amount to my clothes pot.

At present I have to withdraw from coin jar into my account, and then select the clothes pot and add money.
Is there a better way?

Not really. Pot balances can only move in or out of the main account and there’s no way (either IFTTT or direct) to automate anything based on a pot balance that I know of.


My summer challenge savings applet ran twice today. Must have risen above my threshold, dropped and risen again! Assumed it would run just once per 24 hour period. :rofl:

You could do this with a couple of recipes I think. I’ll have a go tomorrow if I have time.

@Henners38 Can you elaborate on the “certain amount” you’d like to move to your clothes pot? Would this be a static value, a percentage of the pot or something else?

So each time my coin jar reaches £30, I want to move £10 to the clothes pot.


Did you ever figure out a way to do it?

Don’t forget that the IFTTT applets are just based on code using their API! If you are able to do some basic programming you could create your own custom programmes.

Via the API you can access and move money between your pots!

Some nice people on the internet have created some useful tools to help access this whether or not you’re massively programming literate, such as muyiwaolu on GitHub.

I’ve created a setup in Node-RED to do some automatic stuff with my Monzo, such as moving what’s leftover of my weekly budget into a pot when a new week starts. I’ve started to upload these onto GitHub to hopefully help others :slight_smile:

Hope this is vaguely helpful considering the hole that Monzo seem to have put us in with the IFTTT support

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very helpful thanks.
I’m familiar with coding in VBA & SQL, with a little bit of C#.NET experience, so hopefully I can figure my way through creating something!

Thanks for the advice & links too

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