IFTTT / Pots integration

I’m trying to find a way of moving money from one pot to another via automation or IFTTT.

Once my coin jar reaches £30 or more I want to move a certain amount to my clothes pot.

At present I have to withdraw from coin jar into my account, and then select the clothes pot and add money.
Is there a better way?

Not really. Pot balances can only move in or out of the main account and there’s no way (either IFTTT or direct) to automate anything based on a pot balance that I know of.


My summer challenge savings applet ran twice today. Must have risen above my threshold, dropped and risen again! Assumed it would run just once per 24 hour period. :rofl:

You could do this with a couple of recipes I think. I’ll have a go tomorrow if I have time.

@Henners38 Can you elaborate on the “certain amount” you’d like to move to your clothes pot? Would this be a static value, a percentage of the pot or something else?

So each time my coin jar reaches £30, I want to move £10 to the clothes pot.