Is there a way to deposit old notes at Paypoint?


Monzo is now my only bank account.
In 100 days, old £20/£50 notes will no longer be able to be spent in shops but you can take it into a bank and deposit it into your account.
However, we can’t deposit cash at banks using Monzo, only Paypoint.

Do you know if Paypoint will accept these old notes? If not, do you know if I can into a bank or building society, will they swap an old note for a new one?

I’m just confused what to do?

Thank you.

First Google result.

Do you have many of these notes? You have 100 days. Either deposit them before 100 days or after that send them to the Bank of England. Nothing to worry about.

Most of them are not in circulation anymore. I haven’t seen a non-poly £20 in a long time.

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That’s because they’re all in my loft. I live at 123 fake street, fakesville


The best this the government did to stimulate the economy since the beginning of covid.

Pay point isn’t a branch. It’s a machine in a local shop, because of this it’ll be up to the shop keeper.

If you’re a member/customer yes. Otherwise maybe post office or if you’re lucky and ask nice enough one will swap them.

How many notes have you got? If you only have like £60 then just pay for your shopping with them?
If you have thousands and thousands then it’ll most likely be questioned if you’re asking to exchange it, along with going above the limits.


If you have a legacy bank exchange them there, if you go to a shop that has a pay point the shopkeeper may accept the money still for you and deposit it into the account.

That’s a question I have.

When you use the PayPoint machine, what does the shop keeper see? Does he see your account number and sort code or the long number.

I’ve always been curious what gets printed on the merchant copy.

I’d guess just first 6 last 4 with truncated digits inbetween :man_shrugging:t3:

In their eyes, they’re topping up a card no different to the old pay and go credit top ups. Swipe, pay, bye