Deposit Euro banknotes in UK

Hi, I have Euro banknotes leftover from holiday and would like to deposit on Monzo card in UK. Is this possible? Thanks

No, it is not.

You’ll need to get them changed back to £ and then use PayPoint to pay it in.


I’m not aware of any UK consumer bank account which would allow this.

The best way to get them changed is to sell them to someone who is going to Europe. You should be able to agree a price which saves you both some money.

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A lot of the high street banks will do this, via a branch visit.

NatWest, HSBC and Lloyds to name three. You’ll be subject to their currency exchange rate however which might not be competitive.

EDIT: In the case of HSBC it should be possible to store it in EUR via their global money account.


Or just wait until you go again. Saves a loss on the exchange rate, always a huge difference between buying and selling.

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Hey There!

Unfortunately you can’t directly deposit Euros through PayPoint into Monzo. But if you have a high street account they can exchange and make the deposit into their account for you and if you wish then you can transfer to your Monzo!

Depending on your bank you may or may not be charged for the conversion, so I’d try to get as much bang for your Euro*

If you have a Euro account with Barclays (Barclays Euro Account) or HSBC (HSBC Currency Account denominated in euros), then you can deposit cash euros into the account for free but obviously only at branches which have a branch counter and provide cash services.

In the case of HSBC, this includes their cash service and full service branches. Barclays branches do, in some cases, have shorter counter opening hours which they detail on their branch finder.

You can check your local branches for HSBC here:

Barclays list details of their branches here: