Is there a problem with Monzo taking money and not returning it?

Hi all was scrolling my FYP on TikTok when I came across this video : @Monzo RETURN MY MONEY ! | TikTok

This poster is insinuating that Monzo took her money and hasn’t given it back. There are a few folks in the comments saying the same.

I have both a personal & business account with Monzo. I have nothing to be worried about right?

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You have nothing to be worried about. No more than you would with any other bank.

As a fully regulated bank, Monzo don’t take anyone’s money - or close anyone’s account - without having good reason and to follow their legal obligations.


People lying on TikTok isn’t something you should worry about.

Monzo, covid, JFK, flat earth or any other nonsense.


The internet strikes again.

Monzo wouldn’t steal it or take it and never return.

Monzo could however freeze part, or all of their balance, if they’ve received a scam report from another bank/customer.

All banks can and do carry out this process.

It’s likely they got up to no good and got caught, then want to shout and rave about how monzo is bad and they did “nothing”.

You see stuff like this all the time.

Don’t worry about it.


Nothing to worry, especially from Tik tokers. I always take things with a pinch of salt.
Don’t think a regulated bank would think of doing something like that.

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Check the las test video from her… first she says she doesn’t use the account then it’s people are always sending her money :man_shrugging: it can’t be both


You’re giving me equine flashbacks now. I imagine you also got a lot of this where the horse is concerned?

It pisses me off that people get on their high horse when they know why

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I looked at the video and when she said she was 22, I think she meant 22 stone :joy:. You have nothing to worry about, people’s who’s accounts get frozen, have more often than not, traded crypto through it and potentially laundered money,


Haha I didn’t want to make that joke so opted to reference somewhere Carl and I know.

How do banks see it for genuine customers trying to purchase crypto then?

They can’t! All they see if the transaction going to the crypto exchange for a large amount, then a potentially bigger amount coming back. Crypto is untraceable by nature and banks really don’t like that. It’s the look of the draw really

I’m I just salty as I lost about £200 of my crypto (all of it) to a scam as I got greedy, with all the hoops I had to jump through to send it, it should’ve stopped me, but it didn’t and I lost it all! It wasn’t really that much it was something like 0.000004 btc or something, this was 4 years ago though, haven’t touched “the stuff” since :joy:


Not true!


Monero maybe though others are certainly public on the blockchain

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I’m a little annoyed. Cant DM you so here goes. Just walking up The Headrow to work and it smells of bacon and such from Greggs. I have no mobile banking or wallet pay on me.

Just i know you are from Leeds…

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Thanks everyone. Logically I know I don’t have nothing to worry about. But just thought to check anyways.

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Thanks everyone.

Logically I know there’s nothing to worry about. I just posted to make sure.


Ah fair enough. I’m just going off what I heard years ago, seems it was a myth I heard and believed for years

It used to be quite a popular thing to say… there was a whole facebook group about it… but every time you dug beneath the surface you’d find evidence they weren’t telling the whole truth. Turns out people lie on the internet… who knew?

I’ve heard stories that bank fraud teams literally have to deal with people phoning them with crying babies in the background to try to get the bank to relax the rules. No way I could do that job…


You don’t need to go to support, just tap transactions, at the bottom tap something wrong, get help, and log it yourself.

No point adding to an already weighted support team.

That you Chat GPT?

Good to see a new poster but I must say this seems a little random and also very AI like.


Also written in American terms, a z in authorised.

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