Is someone spamming the community?

I thought I saw something.

It’s either the system automatically doing it or self then as I’ve not seen a mod comment on this yet: unless they’re secretly here :eyes:

Feathers moved some to deleted posts within the last 20 mins

How do you check this?

I step away for a little under an hour and upon returning there’s a flood of updated topics with new posts removed by @Feathers!

Wish I could have seen what was posted for once! Props to him for keeping on top of it though. I know from past experience just how strenuous it can be to mitigate heightened levels of spam on forums with limited moderation permissions whilst admins are unavailable.

Hopefully @AlanDoe will address this at some point.

I’d tell you but that would ruin your opportunity to figure it out

Some kid called toilet commenting on all the card posts that he’s hungry and needs feeding


@Feathers right now: