How do I go about deleting my account on here

Title says it all really

drop @cookywook a message, or take some replies with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

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Yeah, as Ian said

Sorry you feel the need to move on

That other thread seems to have spun out of control a bit

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I think it’s inevitable when you don’t have moderators (or very active ones), and people seemingly speaking for Monzo (who actually have no affiliation). No-one likes to mocked openly in a forum for sharing an idea and then have all their posts removed… it just feels like bullying tbh.


Not here to offer a personal opinion, but if you feel that latter behaviour is/was the case then that would also be against the Code of Conduct for the forum, so that could be reported too (as in you reporting that behaviour, not against you, to clarify)

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Not helpful


Neither was him hunting down my post to try and have a dig where I’m helping people. Then crying about it. But here we are


I have stuck slow mode on for this topic to prevent it too spinning out of control

I hope we can reach an understanding that sees Richie stay, but as above you can message Richard or @AlanDoe to request account deletion or to discuss feelings of sub-optimal behaviour