Regarding my account closure

Hello there,
I received a email that I will like to enquire about since it says my account is being closed however I didn’t request for it to be closed so I’m not sure why I received it or even if it’s a scam email since it’s telling me I have a few months.
Kind regards
Sammy Rouke

Hello! There have been a myriad threads today so Monzo are doing something in the background. They’re unlikely to tell you why so your best bet is to start looking for a different bank as soon as possible

You can complain then take it to the ombudsman but it’s unlikely to result in a decision in your favour.

And before @anon1094746 asks, no, it’s not because you have a free account


I think everyone knows what I’m going to ask but you’re wrong I’m asking another question for once.

I’ll email them back if I was you since it’s happening a lot today

When did you join?


@Coral-Crew @Peter_G

Can we get one master thread and them all merged into one?

I joined in January 2020

This happened to me also!

Tell them “Please could you look into my account” on the live chat wether or not it’s real

Could be fake emails even that ain’t from monzo?

When I’m back on my laptop with proper Chrome later I’ll give it a go. Something else to make myself popular for. Moderation tools under Android Chrome are a bit broken

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Out of curiosity, did the @Coral-Crew tag work to summon you?

You will get a lot of answers here, every single one of them will be complete speculation. One of them might be right. My guess is that you will never find out which one it is.


It did

Nah, not at all. Just happened to be perusing

Out of curiosity has your income significantly changed recently?

Someone needs to fix the bat signal


I know it is personal but have your circumstances changed like mine as in redundancy and therefore having to claim any form of benefit?


I’m not sure I’d agree.

It’s only my opinion of course but recently the only threads that seem to go off course are ones that the coral crew insert themselves into and interfere with as opposed to observe and moderate when necessary or choose to participate in as a member.

All the little snide condescending comments about how they’re surprised that Threads haven’t gone off track and that ridiculous Tom vs Anne thread that Peter G created the other day. Personally I would reiterate the previous comment that they should just leave their egos out of it

This might be a good example of a post that probably does need a new topic though :joy::joy:

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Yes. I used to work for netent as a live dealer but lost my job and had to claim UC about 2 months ago

That make 6-7 threads in the past few days. Something is clearly going on here and unfortunately we will never get to know what is causing all this…

Sorry to hear that :frowning: I’m sure this whole bank account nonsense isn’t helping but I hope you get back on your feet soon

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