Is it possible to export your joint account including the debit card number


I exported my joint account.
For each transaction is it possible to identify who did the transaction? Me or my partner?
Thank you.

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What you see is what you get.

There are no options to toggle things on or off. So if you can’t see who made the transaction then there unfortunately is no way to currently do this.

Shame, as it’s got to be in the background data somewhere surely.
As a workaround you could maybe put your initials or something in the comment against each card transaction as you make it. Then use a formula in your spreadsheet to separate this out from any other comments you have.
Not an ideal solution, but depending on how much you use comments/notes/#'s and categories already, it might not be too onerous to just type in a few more characters while you’re at it.

The transactions in the JA feed do show who made the transaction, because it shows the icon of the user who made the transaction against the transaction. I can see when I or my JA partner spends on the JA account.

But the whole structure of Joint account-linked-to-users or users-linked-to-Joint-account kicks in at this point - in the larger bubble; Monzo Plus (Google sheet exports), Monzo Plus (custom categories), Monzo Plus JA interest,, overdrafts, loans and IFTTT support are simply not available to JA users. And should be.


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